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ASSET Planning Corporation
Offers investment, retirement and financial management to individuals, families, and corporations.

Coulter & Justus
Coulter & Justus Financial Services, LLC (CJFS) provides comprehensive planning and financial services. CJFS currently manages over $150 million in assets and has offices in Knoxville and Oak Ridge. CJFS' staff includes two Certified Financial Planners, a Fellow in the Society of Actuaries, and a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Swofford Financial
With over 25 years as an independent wealth management firm, we offer our clients financial advice they can trust. Our mission at Swofford Financial is to help you make smart decisions about your money. You can look forward to your financial future with confidence, knowing that you have a plan in place that will maximize financial opportunities and reflect your personal values and goals.

Tennessee Estate Planning Law -
Living Trust and Estate Planning - Living Trust Estate Planning, void Probate, revocable living trust , revokable family living trust form, irrevocable living trust.
Financial Planning Tool Kit - From getting started on your wealth-building plan to avoiding estate taxes, and everything in between, you can rely on Financial Planning Toolkit to keep...
Planning Your Estate -
Wills, Trusts, Estates and Probate


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